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What are the implications of the Cell Atlas

What are the implications of the Cell Atlas?

What are the implications of the Cell Atlas
What are the implications of the Cell Atlas

 In the last decades humanity witnessed such a great breakthrough in the technological field, which helped to develop many other fields, most important field was the medical one, as doctors used the new inventions in their medical experiences and researches, and managed by using them to get to many new medical innovations that succeeded to help saving so many lives, one of these new innovations that doctors seek to achieve is to know everything surrounds the human cells; such as: their functions in the human body and their types, this is the aim of an association called “The cell Atlas”, and in the few lines to come we’ll identify “The cell Atlas”, and clarify how it works, and What are the implications of “The cell Atlas”.

What’s the Cell Atlas?

We could identify the Cell Atlas as the organization which helps us to study each cell in the human body alone, and get the information that we need, these information includes: the place where this cell is, the function of this particular cell in the human body, the type of this cell, and by studying every cell in the human body-which is around 37.2 billion cell, we can take a huge step in the human’s biological history.
 “The cell Atlas” idea was mentioned for the first time on 13th of October 2016, as doctors needed more information about the cells in the human body, as we knew too little about them and their part in the human diseases.

What are the implications of the Cell Atlas?

The Cell Atlas helps us in so many areas such as:

      ·       The Immune system

Studies are directed to know more about the immune cells that are spread in the  entire human body, these immune cells represents the first wall of defense against the diseases that infect the human body, and by knowing the characteristics of these cells, we can develop new medicines which help to increase the number of these cells, or the efficiency of each cell in the immune system, which would help to defeat the incurable diseases.

      ·       Brain cells

Studying these cells help us to know the real limitations of the human brain, and whether or not we use our brains to this limit, and how to pass these limits if it’s possible to be achieved.

      ·       Cancer cells

Cancer itself consists of so many cells, and studying these cancer cells will help us to know more about the deadly disease, and the best way to defeat it; especially it takes so many lives each year.

What are the obstacles that the Cell Atlas faces?

The Cell Atlas organization requires so much money yearly to achieve its target to know the properties of each cell in the human body, and this could be achieved only by devoting so many hours in researches, this requires employing many doctors and researchers to make this huge map. So, we could say that this organization needs support in both sides; the financial side and the volunteering side.

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