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Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics
Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics

We can define quantum mechanics as the method of describing the nature in the range of atoms energy levels. Quantum theory was firstly discussed in 20th century by many of scientists like max Born, Edwin Schrodinger and others. Nowadays, quantum mechanics can be used effectively for the description of the physical nature of any particle as exist in the wave function.

The probability distribution is used mainly by the quantum mechanics for the prediction of possible outcomes. At first, let us discuss the difference between quantum mechanics and classical physics. The accuracy of quantum mechanics is very high according to the experiments’ results. The laws of quantum mechanics are good enough for describing all type of objects perfectly but, classical physics just gives an approximation for a group of objects. Next, we will discuss the different applications of quantum mechanics.  

Application of Quantum Mechanics

The subatomic can only be described by quantum mechanics, this will benefit the universe in all fields. Molecules formation is understood by using quantum mechanics. Quantum chemistry is a description for the applications of quantum mechanics in chemistry. You will find below the most important applications of quantum mechanics in different fields.

  §  Electronics_ Quantum mechanics is used widely for the designing of electronic devices. It has a lot of applications in that field. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), transistor, laser are some examples for the application of quantum mechanics in electronic field. Transistors which are used in almost all electronic devices are invented after the study of semiconductors. Also, the diode invention helped in laser and the other different light sources.

Quantum tunnelling effect is required for the operation of many electronic parts such as light switch, Flash memory and resonant tunnelling diode. The understanding of the electronic devices including computers and smartphones can be easy by the application of quantum mechanics.

  §  GPS Servers_ This technique is a one of the important applications of quantum mechanics. The locations of unknown places can be found by GPS application which rely on quantum mechanics. It’s existed on any smartphone and helps people to move from any place to another.

  §   Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)_ Shifting energy in atomic clocks which is caused by the orientation of electron spinning relative to atom nucleus spinning. Because of that the behavior of the matter will be like tiny magnets such as what happen in the case of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). This application is available in all hospitals for examining patients.

§  Telecommunication_ The principles of quantum mechanics are a base for fiber optic telecommunications. There is a wide range of quantum mechanics application in telecommunications used all over the world.

Quantum Theory

Quantum theory is used to describe the unexplained phenomena which were so hard to be explained by classical physics. Electrons’ orbitals stability in atoms and black body radiation are examples for these undescribed phenomena. The different biological systems mechanisms were explained by quantum theory. Quantum theory played a very important role in describing the fundamental process plant and other organisms.

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