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الأربعاء، 15 يناير 2020

I Love You Virus

I Love You Virus

I Love You Virus
I Love You Virus

In the past few years many viruses have been developed which created very strong new generation of viruses, among these viruses we find “I Love You Virus", this virus is very dangerous and very strong, that's why we’ll take about how it works and how dangerous it’s on your computers.

What's I Love You Virus?

I love You virus is the kind of virus that hits your computer when you open a message sent to you, and it's subject is “I Love You Virus”, once you open this message’s attachment your computer gets infected, and causes the lost of many data you got on your computer, including: MP3, and other certain kinds of data.
I Love You Virus is a VBScript program that's activated when clicking a double click on it, companies tried to overcome the hackers by blocking every E-mail message containing I love You as a subject of the message, but of course the hackers outsmarted them putting other catchy phrases such as: Mother's day and Joke, and other lines that makes you eager to open it and clicking on the attachment.

What made I Love You Virus so dangerous

Which makes this virus very dangerous is it spreads on its own, as once your computer is infected with the virus sends itself again to every contact you have on your own male, in a similar way of snowballs.
2004 was the year this virus got to the peak in, as it affected around 45 million devices which were a very huge number back then causing E-mail company to shutdown its services in many major companies fearing that it could spread more and more, and this caused so much losses to these companies.
As we said “I Love You Virus” caused huge damages to the big companies, and an overall loss estimated as ten billion dollars back then, which represents the crazy damage this virus caused, and maybe makes it the biggest attack in history of internet.
So, we could say that this virus broke so many hearts and wallets, but of course we can't see I Love You Virus causing any damage anymore.

Who started it?

Well, it's thought to be started from Philippines, but the person responsible for creating it and spreading it all around the world is still unknown, though it's thought to be “Onel de Gozman" but nothing was proved on him after taking him to court facing charges of theft.

How to protect your computer from any attacks?

There's a list of things to do to protect your computer from Wanaa Cry Virus, and it's:
          ·       Download the patch, and I believe 99% of people using computers have downloaded it years ago.
         ·       Depend on trusted security software to help secure your own important files and images.
          ·       Always update your own operating system, and the security software that you use.
           ·       Don't open the attachments sent to you by people that you don't know.
          ·       Use an external hard disk to pack up your data to it.
            ·       Use the clouds to store the important data.

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