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Should more employers offer flexible scheduling or working from home

Should more employers offer flexible scheduling or working from home?

Should more employers offer flexible scheduling or working from home?
Should more employers offer flexible scheduling or working from home

Many employers are trying to help their employees to have a better and more comfortable working environment, but they are confused nowadays because they can't decide what's better for them and their employees, as we see many employers giving their employees a flexible scheduling, while others prefer giving the employees a working from home job. In this article we'll give you the benefits of each case, and our opinion.

Benefits of having a flexible schedule

Many benefits come with flexible schedules such as:
·       Providing a better environment in work
When the employee chooses the hours which he prefers to work at, he’ll feel much happier, because he works at hours of his own choice not someone's else.
·       A higher production rates
Whatever you are doing for work you’ll work with much more productivity when you choose your schedule, and we see this everyday in our life, as an example; some students prefer studying by day when they are more concentrated, while others prefer studying at night when everything is quiet and less noise  around.
·       No pressure on employees
Many employees get sick because of the huge stresses put on them during work, which could be avoided by providing flexible schedules, where there are no such stresses on the employees.
·       Having a happier employee makes more money
When your employees feel happy in their work they can overlook many flaws in their work such as low salary, and also feeling happy makes them think twice before quitting, as quitting is bad for business especially when you train your employees on your expense, as quitting means you have to pay more money to train new employees, and don't expect the same productivity until they get along with their job and their colleagues.
·       More working hours, less absence
When the employee chooses his own working hours this means he has fewer excuses to be absent.

 Benefits of working from home

On the other hand, working from home has his own benefits such as:
·       A higher production rates
Same as flexible schedules working from home increases productivity because when you work from home you will feel responsible to do your work as good as possible to prove you aren't getting lazy or floppy.
·       A much comforting working environment
Of course, you can't find a better working environment than your own home, and better working environment means a higher productivity and a better quality.
·       Save money
Working from home employees means that employers don't have to provide work space, and this means saving a lot of money, and this by saving the money which would be paid for: rent, buying desks, fans, air conditioners, and other utilities.
·       Save energy
If you have to go to work everyday, you'll have to take the car and pollute the environment and pay for gas, or take the bus and create overcrowding, so working from home saves you and the environment form suffering.
My own opinion
I believe that anything has a good side and a bad side, and our part is to choose the most perfect way to use it, so I believe that the employers should ask the employees to choose between working from home or flexible schedules, and the employees choose what they prefer.

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