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Is STEM really the best career choice?

Is STEM really the best career choice?

Is STEM really the best career choice?
Is STEM really the best career choice?

Many people concentrate on getting jobs in STEM fields, but what does the word STEM refers to, well, the letter “S" refers to Science, letter “T" refers to Technology, letter “E" refers to Engineering and letter “M" refers to Mathematics fields, and this concentration is due to many reasons which we'll mention, but is it the best career choice? Let's see.

Best STEM careers

     ·       Petroleum Engineer
One of the highest paid profession in the world, and a recent research showed that it has the highest salary among different engineering specialties for the last year, it's a very attractive job where you have to explore the preferred places to have petrol within, and drill it out. But it's a very dangerous profession as we all know.
     ·       Electrical Engineer
Second highest paid engineer after the petroleum engineer, very risky, but still an amazing job.
     ·       Doctor
Overall highest paid profession in the world. After all what's better than saving lives and getting paid for doing it?
     ·       Software Engineer
Maybe the best profession we mentioned, as it has the lowest risk, no one can die for a wrong code! But still a software engineer can bear so much stress.

Reasons to prefer STEM careers
There are many reasons for preferring STEM careers including:
     ·       High salary
As we mentioned before STEM careers are considered the highest paid professions in the world, because these professions are so critical in the world and few can do these jobs.
     ·       Low competition
As we said in the previous advantage only few people who are able to work in these careers, which means that the competition is weak, and every graduate has a high opportunity to get a decent job in these fields.
     ·       There’s no sex discrimination
Every man and woman are equal when they apply for a new job in the STEM fields, as the best qualified person is the most preferred one to get the job, because they are very critical jobs.
     ·       Big space for creativity
These STEM fields give the full opportunity for workers to use their imagination and be very creative.
     ·       It's easy to learn new technologies
In these fields, it's easy to learn and apply the new technologies as any graduate will have the basics which qualify him to learn easily these new technologies.
     ·       Passion
When you ask children what you want to be when you grow up; many of them will say doctors, engineers and scientific researchers, so it's not about the money but it's about a dream comes true.

Disadvantages of STEM careers

As there are many advantages of STEM careers that we mentioned, there are many disadvantages such as:
     ·       Very risky careers
It's true they are highly paid professions but the risk is too high for any field, as a doctor you will be exposed to the danger of getting infected at any time, as a petroleum engineer there are many accidents we witnessed where no man managed to walk alive from it, as an electrical engineer you deal with electricity all the time.
     ·       Too much stress
Working in these professions means that you will have to deal with so much stress maybe you wouldn't handle, and cause psychiatric illness.

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