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Can computers really become intelligent

Can computers really become intelligent?

can computer really become intelligent
can computer really become intelligent

In the past century we saw so many movies that predicted humanity apocalypse by the hands of robots, as these robots thought its best for them to distinguish human beings to rule the earth, this idea was based on the projects made by programmers and developers which were seeking for the development of the computers and take their ability to make calculations into a new high level where these computers are able to make decisions of their own, and that’s without taking human orders, so we could say that humans want to built smart computers to make their lives easier, so in this article we will talk about the following ideas:
-        Can computers really become intelligent?
-        Is this a benefit or a damage?
-        Are we in danger?

Can computers really become intelligent

Well, intelligent is said to people that choose the most perfect way to think to get the best solutions to their problem, like Einstein for example, the intelligence of someone depends on how fast and correct his decisions are, so basically intelligence depends on taking decisions without consulting anyone, so when we say computers are intelligent we mean that these computers make their own decisions based on the data they have, so the answer to our question “Can computers really become intelligent” is “yes” but we could say it’s a limited “yes”, how?
Easy answer if you have a car that was newly produced, we will see the car making a stop action when it’s about to hit something even if you didn’t hit the breaks! Why? Because car sensors gave the surrounding data to the car computer based on which the computer “decided” to make the stop action to save the car and its driver, and these technologies is being developed under the name of “self driving cars”, but this technology chains the computer to certain limits which computers can’t overcome, as self driving cars’ computers can make limited decisions such as :operating the car, stopping the car, going right, going left, and similar things, but they can’t choose a favored color, can they? Or discover a new theory in physics or chemistry or even mathematics.

Are intelligent computers blessing or indignation?

 This question is very important, and easy to answer. Of course, intelligent computers are blessing, imagine that you don’t have to drive your car any more; wouldn’t that be much easier to you? Or you don’t have to clean your house as a robot with an intelligent computer can do it for you, or doing your own job instead of you; wouldn’t make that our lives easier?

Are we in danger?

As we said before until this moment, intelligent computers are limited with certain abilities they can’t exceed, because we need to store so much data in these computers to make it completely intelligent, and this ability isn’t available right now, and even if it’ll become available, it’ll be hard to make a computer that is equal to human brain, so it’s much unlikely to make a full intelligent computer in the next years.

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