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الجمعة، 11 أكتوبر 2019

What research offers the most promising help for disabled people

What research offers the most promising help for disabled people?

What research offers the most promising help for disabled people
What research offers the most promising help for disabled people

   15% of people living around the globe suffers from a sort of disability, This percentage represents a billion human being, This means that out of seven people there’s one suffering from some kind of disability, In the past centuries the disabled people suffered from being neglected, They were looked at as a burden on society, But now and after the great uprising in the human rights field we see a better attitude with disabled people timed with the evolution in the technological field made us witness a lot of daily researches which may seem very promising for disabled people, In this article we will talk about the most promising research that helps the disabled the most.

3D Printed Limbs for Disabled People

This research states that we could make a 3D printed limbs for disabled people, without the need of manufacturing a special sized limbs for each disabled person, especially the human limbs mustn’t be the size even for people with the same height and weight, this research says that we’re able to design prosthesis limb for every disabled person we want in any place, and this is by taking the measures of this person first, and doing the math to get to the required limb specifications, and this is to make this limb look like a normal one as much as possible, also making it possible for the disabled people to move their prosthesis limbs in such a way that helps them to live and move in a normal way without waiting for others help.

The lack of prosthesis limbs or their non matching sizes aren’t the main problems that this research overcomes, Beside providing a very valuable advantage which represents the ability to reach any place around the world that internet could reach, An example of that is the stricken places which normally includes huge number of disabled people due to war or natural disasters, so a lot of people will need help, And even if we could help few of them to get the limbs they need, We can’t help others due to lack of financial ability or the absence of safety while shipping these limbs due to war conditions, 3D printed limbs reduces these problems to only one, Which is the financial ability to buy the 3D printer. Though it’ll be much cheaper than buying a thousand limb for example, after the printer arrives these stricken areas the problem would be solved as now people can print these prosthesis limbs they want as many as they want with the required sizes, And even if they can’t do the design step themselves they could use the help of other people and designers through internet so they could have the required designs until they learn to do it themselves .

This research was applied recently in South Sudan and managed to provide a young Sudanese child with a 3D printed limb, but it needs more research efforts and financial funds to be applied worldwide with its maximum efficiency.

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