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الجمعة، 7 يونيو 2019

Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Air pollution can be defined as the change of air nature by the release of many harmful gases which called pollutants to the air. These pollutants such as CO2, CO, H2S…etc. should exist in the air at definite concentrations, above these concentrations they will affect both health and environment so badly. In this article we will know more about air pollution topic i.e. its causes, effects and how to manage it.

Air Pollution Causes and effects on health and environment
         Oil and gas industries are considered as the major cause of air pollution. The burning of fossil fuel in order to get energy or the fractionation of crude oil in order to separate components for using in the right place -such as the gasoline which is used as an automobile fuel- will release various concentrations of pollutants to the air. These pollutants can be mentioned as follows:
·       Carbone monoxide CO: this pollutant can be released to the air by automobile emissions. If it's found in the air with a concentration of 35 ppm for 1 hour it may cause smog formation contribution and cause problems to human health such as chest pain.
·       Nitrogen Oxides: they are produced mainly by industrial processes. They can cause foliage damage to the environment and also cause irritation of breathing to the persons who are exposed to them.
·       Sulfur Oxides: They are mainly released to the air from combustion processes. They can cause acid rain formation and also cause breathing difficulties and heart disease to the persons who are exposed to them.
·       Ozone: Volatile organic compounds are the major source of this pollutant in the industry. It affects the health by the reduction of lung functions.
·       Particulate Matter: There are two types of particles are released to the air which are primary particles and secondary particles. It causes acid rain and other environmental problems. It also affects the human health badly causing irregular health beat.
Air Pollution Reduction
         If we can reduce the use of gasoline for transportation purposes or improving the power quality in transportation motors then, we can reduce the air pollution. We can use renewable sources of energy as an alternative for non-renewable sources as this will help in reducing air pollution. For example, if we used electrical automobiles instead of crude-based automobiles for transportation purposes, that will lead to air pollution reduction.

How to protect yourself?
ü You have to follow the instructions when there is a high pollution level in the air outside, so you can protect yourself and your family.
ü Personal cleaning is a very important thing you have to keep for the removal of fine particle which are placed on your body or your clothes so, stay far from roads and wash your clothes continuously!
ü Don't expose your body to air pollutants as possible as you can, to avoid health hazards which can be caused by these pollutants.
ü Stay inside if the air quality is bad and don't go anywhere until its quality becomes good again.

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