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الجمعة، 17 مايو 2019

Face Recognition

Face Recognition

         Face Recognition system was invented in 1964 by Woody Bledsone, Helen Chan and Charles Bisson when they tried for the recognition of human faces by using the computer. In this article we will discuss the face recognition technology and its applications in this life.

Face Recognition System
         It's a technology which is used for the identification and verification of any person by taking a digital image or video frame for completing the process. The major use of face recognition system is to compare facial features of any image with that of the database faces. Scientists describe face recognition system as a biometric application which is based on artificial intelligence technology which can use the facial features on the person's face in order to identify this person. Face Recognition technology is widely used in many technological forms such as mobile platforms and robotics. We can say simply that; face recognition technology is a marketing tool which can be used in popular commercial applications.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Face Recognition System

ü One of the best advantages of face recognition system that it doesn't need the help of other biometric systems for person identification such as that system which is placed in airports for individuals' identification among the crowed without being visible.
ü The hacking of face recognition technology was found to be harder than the other identification technologies such as fingerprint technology.
ü Face recognition technology which is applied for security control systems helped in the reduction of crime in many countries around the world.
ý Face recognition technology is not most efficient when compared with other identification systems as it is affected by many factors such as face expressions, noise and illumination which will affect the performance of face images.
ý The variation of facial expressions makes face recognition system less effective which make it hard to recognize person's face as the resolution of images will be low and this is a big problem facing the system

Face Recognition Applications
§  Social Media. Face recognition technology is used widely in social media applications such as that is used in snap chat which allows people for adding filters to change their look way. It's also used in Facebook for deep-face application with an accuracy of 97% for the identification of human face in digital images.
§  ID Verification Solution. These days, it's considered as a service which is provided by various companies to e-businesses such as banks and ICOs. It's also used for face ID services such as the service which was introduced by Apple on iPhone X and is called face ID.
§  Policing & National Security. many countries such as Australia and New Zealand use face recognition technologies in the so-called Smart Gate which is used for comparing the face of travelers with the E-Passport micro-ship database. Many states in the united states such as Los Angeles use the face recognition technology for identifying the photos which are taken by the police.
§  Other Uses. Face Recognition Technology is used in many other applications such as time and attendance in various companies, in shopping centers, and crime prevention. So, face recognition system is used widely all over the world in everyday life.   

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