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الجمعة، 22 فبراير 2019

How to learn faster

How to learn faster

         These days, learning is the biggest show ever! The ability of learning what makes people different and special. Anyone can learn anything but, the time they spend in learning will differ from one person to another. To be a super-learner that will require some additional effort. Do you want to speak any language fluently? Master your work or study? Understand the most important ideas in the books you read quickly? have to know how to learn faster! This article is for you. By reading this article, you should be able to improve your memory and concentration in order to learn faster.

Improving Concentration
         This is the first thing you can do. The morning is the best time in which our brains have the highest level of concentration. The daily routine, our jobs and study, and the real world which we connect make us pressurized and loosing our concentration level. So, we have to follow these steps:

§  We should have a special way to manage our daily routine in order to avoid taking pressure as possible as we can to increase our both efficiency and energy which are required for work or study.
§  As we cannot change the environment in which we live, we must have an extreme training on concentration in pressure. Practicing in tough conditions makes you able to perform best in normal conditions.
§  Visualizing all what you learn is a very good way to increase your concentration in addition to developing your photographic memory. So, try to visualize everything i.e. your book, diagrams, paragraphs, fonts, colors, lines and words.
§  Reading aloud is a very simple, fast and effective method which will help you to concentrate during your study. Do that if you find your mind diverting during your study.
§  Practicing some music or painting will make you relax and improve your concentration. Being calm during work will energize you and make you feel mental peace.
§  Including natural freshener in your daily diet such as vitamin c will give you a powerful concentration.

Improving Memory

         Improving your memory is the second thing you need to practice. There are many ways you can follow to enhance your memory. You can follow the next steps in order to improve your memory:

·       Spaced repetition is an effective way for transferring information from short term memory to long term memory. It's a way to revise information very scientifically. By recalling and revision one time after another every different periods of time and increasing space between revisions "spaced Repetition" you can improve your memory faster.
·       Applying some creative logic techniques will help you remember things for long term.
·       Enjoying what you are studying is a very important thing to remember what you study.
·       Be connected with real life and apply anything you want to remember on it.
·       You can translate any information in your own language which make it understandable and easy to be stored in your mind.
·       In order to retrieve any information stored in our minds, we have to store that information in systematic manner.
·       In order to learn actively, you need to be like child. Be curious! You have to ask questions all the time. Briefly, make your mind a very "Questioning mind".
"Practice a lot. Be creative & curious. Go ahead and let's do it!"

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