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Biochemistry and its applications

Biochemistry and its applications

We can define Biochemistry as the branch of chemistry which concerned with the chemical study of living cells in addition to the reactions and processes they undergo. So, we can say that biochemistry is the science concerned with studying the structure of all living systems.
The main objective of biochemistry is to make the chemical processes associated with living systems understandable and obvious. To achieve this objective, biochemists use many techniques to isolate the molecules found in cells, study their structure, and analyze their function.
Main Branches of Biochemistry
·       Enzymology
It's concerned with the study of the properties of enzymes or biological catalysts. This study includes the definition, process, activities, kinetics reaction, and regulation of enzymes.
·       Endocrinology
Endocrinology is concerned with the study about hormones. This study includes the function, biosynthesis, process and storage of hormones in any living organism. In can also provide information about the medical endocrinology for plant and animal.
·       Molecular Biology
Molecular biology is concerned with the study about the chemical process which occurres in the living organisms. It also shows how biological macro molecules operate in the molecular level.
·       Molecular Genetics and Genetic Engineering
It is concerned with the study about the genes such as DNA & RNA.
·       Cell Biology
It gives us a complete study about the cell, i.e. its structure, properties, functions, composition …etc.
·       Structural Biochemistry
It provides us with a perfect information about the biological architecture of proteins, DNA, RNA and the other macro molecules.
·       Metabolic Biochemistry
It gives us a clear information about the biochemical reaction in the cell and also about the metabolic disease which enables us to make a suitable treatment for metabolic disorders.
·       Immunology
It is concerned with the study about the function of immune system and its chemical reactions in all living organisms.
·       Neurochemistry
It will cover all neuronal activities within the organic molecules such as neurotransmitters and other molecules.

Biochemistry Applications

Blood Test

The concept of the biochemistry can be used to make a perfect blood test. By this test we can easily understand the patient condition by knowing the blood glucose level.

Kidney Function Test

There is a relation between the kidney function and the biochemistry study. You may be asked to undergo the urine test if you faced the kidney problems which can be used to know the change in PH and any containment in the urine. This kind of treatment can be covered by the study of biochemistry.

Liver Function Test

The liver, which is an important organ in the body, can be tested by the biochemistry study. By this test, we can know how the liver operates, the effect of different treatments to the liver condition and the disorder type.

Breast Cancer Screening

The biochemistry concept can be used to examine the mutations in two genes which cause the breast cancer. These genes are Breast Cancer-1 gene (BRCA1) & Breast Cancer-2 gene (BRCA2). We will use Breast cancer screening technology for that purpose.
Pregnancy Test

Biochemistry helps us to discover HCG hormone by the urine or blood sample. This hormone is an indication of pregnancy which can be discovered during the pregnancy test.

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