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Software Engineering - Lan Sommerville - PDF Book


Software Engineering – Lan Sommerville

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Book name: Software Engineering

Author: Lan Sommerville

About book:

 This book designed in a way that it can be used in three different types of software engineering.

Book type: Computer science  

Edition: Ninth Edition

Book Index:

Part 1 Introduction to Software Engineering 

Chapter 1 Introduction 

Chapter 2 Software processes 

Chapter 3 Agile software development 

Chapter 4 Requirements engineering 

Chapter 5 System modeling 

Chapter 6 Architectural design 

Chapter 7 Design and implementation 

Chapter 8 Software testing 

Chapter 9 Software evolution


Part 2 Dependability and Security 

Chapter 10 Sociotechnical systems 

Chapter 11 Dependability and security 

Chapter 12 Dependability and security specification 

Chapter 13 Dependability engineering 

Chapter 14 Security engineering 

Chapter 15 Dependability and security assurance


Part 3 Advanced Software Engineering 

Chapter 16 Software reuse 

Chapter 17 Component-based software engineering 

Chapter 18 Distributed software engineering 

Chapter 19 Service-oriented architecture 

Chapter 20 Embedded software 

Chapter 21 Aspect-oriented software engineering 

Part 4 Software Management 

Chapter 22 Project management 

Chapter 23 Project planning 

Chapter 24 Quality management 

Chapter 25 Configuration management 

Chapter 26 Process improvement 

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