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Why is math hard

Why is math hard?

Why is math hard
Why is math hard

Many students suffer from having bad grades in math, as they have to go through much difficulty when they solve any problem, and this is a very popular phenomenon among students, and this happens due to so many reasons that we will mention below.

Few students suffer from anxiety when they have to solve math problems, this anxiety makes it very hard for students to remember the rules that they need to solve the problems, or even to remember the way to solve the problem.

Many students suffer also from what’s called dyscalculia, it’s a special case where student have difficulty to distinguish the different shapes, numbers, and formulas the right way.

Lack of attention
Each student is different than his mates, and has different abilities, these different abilities make few students take less time to understand a certain problem, while other take longer time; so, teachers may neglect these differences, which leaves many students behind, so they miss the basics which they will need after.

Negative energy
When the students going to higher grades ask their older colleagues about the most difficult subject the answer will be fast and clear “math” so their will be a primal fear of this subject even before you get to study it, so when you have to study the subject yourself you will have an excuse already prepared for failing to solve the problems even before thinking how to solve it, which forbid you from using your full potentials to solve the problems.

Hell, or heaven
In math there’s no middle solution you are right or wrong, which make it frustrating to the students to reach the end of the problem without getting the correct answer, that’s why they start to hate the whole subject.

Math is a cumulative subject
Which make math even more difficult is: math is a cumulative subject where you miss a single rule means your missing many other rules based on that particular rule, and if you don’t understand a certain problem, we will never be able to understand other problems based on the same idea.

Math needs to be understood
Many students prefer to save the way they can solve the problems rather than understanding it; as they see it’s a much easier way to get high grades in math, and of course if this rule could be applied to any of the subjects, math won’t be one of them; as it depends only on understanding the rules, and if you don’t understand the rule, and depends on saving the wag to the solution; you will fail as soon as the problem idea is changed, which means your failure.

Math drains time
Math needs so much time solving many problems and practicing on getting the correct answer using the easiest method to get to it, all of these things require much time, and this may influence your grades in other subjects, or you will have to sacrifice your luxury time to study these extra problems on it, which requires a very determined student, who are very few nowadays.

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