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how will 3-D printing change our future

How will 3-D printing change our future?

How will 3-D printing change our future?
How will 3-D printing change our future?

What is 3-D Printing?

3-D Printing is defined as the process of building 3-D objects by the use of CAD model (Computer-Aided Design). 3-D printing is also called Additive Manufacturing, it is a collection of processes which are used for the creation of 3-D objects depending on the computer control. 3-D has appeared with this name in 1990s but, in that time, it was being used for rapid prototyping only. Nowadays, 3-D printing techniques are used widely in the industrial field for creating complex objects.

The production of very complex geometries became very easy with the discovery of 3-D printing. Electronics was manufactured by 3-D printing processes for the first time in 2014 when the first multi material (VIPRE) was demonstrated by Dr. Manos M. Tentzeris and Dr. Benjamin S. Cook.

General Principles of 3-D Printing

Modeling_ CAD packages are used for creating 3-D printing models. These models are known by the possibility of correcting errors before printing. In this step, a digital model is created for the object by collecting the data about the shape and appearance of the required object, it’s called 3-D scanning process. The information about the object is stored on the STL file which is a CAD file format.

Printing_ It’s required to examine the file for checking if there are errors before printing. These errors are fixed if found then, a slicer is used to process the STL file for converting it to series of thin layers. After that, it can be manufactured by any type of 3-D printers.

Finishing_ it’s the last step of 3-D printing. In this step, the needed accuracy can be achieved by different processes. The object can be also curved or improved by using different additive manufacturing techniques.

How will 3-D printing change our future?

3-D printing became one of the most important techniques in the world. People started to use 3-D printing in all fields without exception. Scientists expect that 3-D printing will change the world in the near future. This expectation can be true according to the following points:

  §  All kinds of business will be affected by 3-D printing for being able to fit market needs. So, business models have to be changed by applying new strategies. 3-D printers can easily exist at homes so, companies have to do their best to get new customers.
  §  3-D printing will lead to a huge improvement in the medical field. Human body parts can be now manufactured accurately to fit all bodies which will help to increase people’s quality of life.
  §  By 3-D printing, you will be able to get any product with the specifications you need. The companies which offer the customization possibility of products will be the best in the near future.
  §  When using 3-D printing in factories in the future, the production process will be better and more efficient and the products will be cheaper.
  §  In the future, the world will start to manufacture anything by using 3-D printing techniques; cars, machines, and even planes.

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