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الجمعة، 25 أكتوبر 2019

How practical quantum computers change our lives

How practical quantum computers change our lives?

How practical quantum computers change our lives
How practical quantum computers change our lives

If you were living a hundred years ago and you were told that in a hundred years people will be able to get to moon, and mars, or a small gadget would be able to connect you to other people from any place around the globe in a single click, you would call me a mad man, but now scientists are preparing for few new breakthroughs which would be able to change so many things that we have today, one of these breakthroughs is practical quantum computers which is thought to change our lives “for better we hope”, so in these lines we will define quantum computers, and clarify when would we be able to use it the same way we use normal computers, and mention the advantages and disadvantages of these computers.

How practical quantum computers work?

In a simple way; we could say that quantum computers are the new generation of computers which use the quantum basics to help storing the data and making the calculations, as these computers use the quantum superposition theory, this theory helps to replace the old storing unit “Bit” with a new one called “Qubits”, these “Qubits” would overcome the normal bit unit because the bit unit depends only on a true or false answer which represented by 0 or 1, while qubits uses super positioning to make the answer: true, false or maybe, which is represented by 0,1 or both of them, which provides so many possibilities and therefore larger capacity for information and faster calculations, so we could say that practical quantum computer to normal computers are like astronauts to cavemen.

How could practical quantum computers change our lives?

These computers could change our lives in a huge way, as they have so many advantages like:
     ·    Help solving the unsolved equations in few seconds which a normal computer would take hundreds of years to solve.
       ·       Help improving the weather prediction programs.
     ·    Help humanity to discover many new medicines by processing equations with so many variables in a short time, which was a slow exhausting process using the normal computers.
      ·       Help optimizing the new projects in so many fields such as the telecommunication field and transportation field.
      ·       In the astronomy field we could see a breakthrough after using practical quantum computers to analyze the huge data.

There are so many other benefits of using practical quantum computers as the scientist call these computers “unlimited”, and we hope to find much more advantages of using them.

Disadvantages of practical quantum computers

We could say that the disadvantages of practical quantum computers look tiny compared to their advantages, but still the disadvantages are:
·       This new generation of computers requires much lower degrees to operate, and this will be hard to provide considering the ability to make a room temperature that low, or even producing high-efficient coolers will have much impact on these computers’ price, and would make it difficult to own one of them.
·       The domestic use of these computers would be almost the same as the old ones, as they would operate the used programs with the same speed with no ability to make it faster.

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