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The satellite is generally defined as any object that orbits another one. We can take the earth as an example related to the sun, and the moon related to the earth. But the word satellite here refers to the machines which are launched to the space to move around earth and other objects. There are lots of satellites orbit our planet which help in taking some pictures for it or for other planets to provide some information about the universe.

The usage of satellites is so important because of their ability to collect data about large areas of the planet quickly and in the same time. With the existence of the satellites, the problem of TV signals and phone calls has been solved. That will be done by sending the signals to the satellite so, mountains and buildings are not problems anymore.

Satellite Parts

All satellites consist of two main parts in spite of the shape and size of the satellite. The antenna and the power source are the common parts which any satellite needs to work. The antenna is used for sending or receiving the information from the satellite to the earth and vice versa. Solar panels are used mainly as the power source in satellites for generating an electrical power by using solar energy.

There are other parts may exist in satellites such as sensors and cameras. These parts are used for providing information the weather and the land of the earth in addition to the collection of data about the universe. Rockets are used for launching the satellites into the space then their will move around earth in either polar or geo-stationary orbit.

Satellite Applications

Satellite is used in a wide range of applications which we use in everyday life. Here are the most important applications of satellites:
ü Navigation_ It’s a type of satellites placed in space for navigation purposes. The information provided by this satellite is processed to be applied in navigation applications. Civilian users use GPS widely which is considered as the first element of the system. GPS is also used for car navigation for the purpose of location determining.
ü Communications_ There many types of satellites are used for communication purposes. These satellites help the world to watch live events anywhere all over the world by transmitting the signals to televisions, radios and phones. The redirection of signals by using satellites makes them bending around the earth instead of straight movement.
ü Remote Sensing_ The purpose of the satellite in this case will be for measuring the environment. For humans, monitoring resources which are achieved by this type of satellites is so important such as animal resources monitoring, mineral deposits locating and agricultural crops discovery.
ü Weather_ Weather satellites are used by Meteorologists to provide the needed images from the space. It can be used to measure the released energy and heat which radiated from the earth’s atmosphere. The temperature of the sea can be provided also by the satellite. The amount of water vapour, snow and ocean depth can also be known by the information that weather satellites provide us with.

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