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How Hypnosis Works

How Hypnosis Works

How Hypnosis Works
How Hypnosis Works

Knowing how hypnosis work is not an easy thing to be achieved by all people. Changing the subconscious beliefs is the main target of hypnosis when it is applied on any person. If you need to know how hypnosis work, please keep reading to the end of the article.

What does Hypnosis Mean?

About 200 years ago, hypnosis has appeared to this world. Although, no one can know how it works exactly. The person action under hypnosis is related to the way by which the mind works. We can say easily that hypnosis is like a day-dreaming. You can imagine that you are losing yourself so, we cannot describe hypnosis to be like sleep.
Conventionally, the hypnotist makes suggestions that you will process them as if they are real. Your feelings will move to these suggestions as if you are in another world.

How Hypnosis Work

During hypnosis, your conscious mind is likely to be stopped or isolated and you will use the subconscious mind for the communication with your hypnotist. Your subconscious mind will help you to imagine things that the hypnotist asks for. You feel like your subconscious mind who is making suggestions not the hypnotist.
Your memories are stored in your subconscious so, past events can be accessed under hypnosis. It can be used by psychiatrists for resolving personal problems which are related to the past. Researchers found that there is no difference between the physical sings of the body under hypnosis and that of the body without hypnosis although relaxation may lead to the slow down of the person’s heart in addition to the respiration. Before the hypnosis, there are some requirements:
1.    The person has to want to be hypnotized.
2.    The person has to believe that he can be hypnotized.
3.    The person has to feel relaxed and comfortable.

Hypnotic Techniques

  §  Eye Fixation: This was the most common technique in the early days of hypnosis. The idea of eye fixation is to make the subject focus on a fixed object so he tunes out the other thoughts in his mind. The hypnotist uses the low tone for speaking to the subject under hypnosis at the same time the body need to be relaxed.

  §  Rapid: Overloading the mind suddenly is the main idea of this method. The sudden commands by the hypnotist will cause the conscious control of the subject to be surrendered over the situation. This method will put the person in a situation of being susceptible to the orders of the hypnotist.

  §  Loss of Balance: The person is considered as a baby in this method. Slow rocking will be used to create an equilibrium loss which make the person ready for the hypnotism.
  §  Progressive Relaxation: In this method, the soothing voice is applied by the hypnotists for helping the subject to relax gradually until he completely enters the hypnotism mode. This method of hypnosis is also used the audio tapes of relaxation and meditation in addition to the self-hypnosis training. 

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