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الجمعة، 31 مايو 2019

Computer Security

Computer Security

Computer Security Definition
         Computer security is defined as the way in which computer systems are protected from any hacking or damage to their components; hardware or software in addition to the protection from the disruption of the provided services. Due to the growth of smart technologies, smartphones as an example, and the computer systems which they include, Wi Fi as an example, computer security is growing increasingly these days to achieve the requirements of these systems.

Computer Security Terminology
§  Access Authorization_ It's used for protecting the computer systems by restricting the access of specific users through the use of system, this may be a hole protection or an individual protection.
§  Anti-Virus Software_ It has various programs which are responsible for the elimination and identification of computer viruses and any other malware.
§  Verification Tools_ It is used to prove the codes exist in security  
§  Backups_ They are considered as many copies of the important computer files which are kept in different safe locations on the computer to be used in the case of damaging the existing file.
§  Capability Techniques_ Privilege separation can be ensured by using these techniques as they can control the whole process.
§  Cryptographic Techniques_ can be used for the reduction of the probability that data can be modified during transition between different systems.
§  Endpoint Security Software_ It is used for helping in the prevention of malware infection be which networks can be infected.
§  There are other many terms such as data integrity, firewalls, hacking, Honey pots, microkernel, pinging, Port scan, and social engineering. All of these terms are is important for ensuring the performance of computer security system.
Computer Security Uses
  Computer security can be applied in almost all fields for completing the protection process. The most important uses of computer security can be mentioned as follows:
ü In Banking: computer security is used for the protection of important personal information of clients, the numbers of bank accounts, passwords and credit card information.
ü It helps in keeping the computer protected from hacking by any other person who can use your information, numbers and data for making a fake account which can be used by this person in attacking others.
ü Computer security is used for keeping your computer safe from any malware or viruses which can be transferred to your computer by network or external devices such as USB.
How to protect my computer from any threats?
   It is a very good question. This is your turn to protect your own computer which means protecting your personal information. The awareness about what you deal with is the most important step in keeping your computer safe from any threats. You have to be sure before clicking on any links, visiting websites for the first time, downloading anything from the internet, and providing your information to any platform.
Anti-virus applications are effective in providing protection for your computer from any malware action. Windows versions today have their own defender for self-protection. Finally, we cannot be safe without applying computer security to our computer devices.

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