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Medical imaging

Medical imaging

         Medical imaging is considered as a process or technique which is used for creating images for the interior body in order to analyzing the internal hidden structures of the body. This technique is used in the medical field for diagnosing and treating body diseases.

         Some types of medical imaging examinations require radiation for identifying what's happening inside the person's body. Some of these radiations may have small potential risks. Diseases can be early identified by using medical imaging to be treated easily.

Common Types of Medical Imaging and Their Uses

§  X-Rays
         X-rays are forms of radiation which have the property of penetrating bodies so they are suitable to provide doctors with images of internal body for identifying medical issues. X-rays are widely used to identify bone fractures and chest issues.

§  CT Scans
         We can consider that CT scans is the same as X-rays imaging but the difference between them that CT scans produce pictures of the patient by taking multiple images rapidly at different depths for bone, blood vessels and soft tissue. Many parts of the body can be shown by CT scans in detail, for that reason diagnosis can be allowed earlier so illnesses and injuries can be treated successfully. In many cases, patients are given contrast agents before the scan for clarifying the images taken.

§  Mammography
         Mammography is used specially for imaging the breasts by using X-rays. It is used as a screening tool for detecting the early signs of breast cancer.

§  Nuclear Medicine
         Nuclear medicine is used for building pictures of things that happen inside the body. This can be done by using small amounts of radioactive material that emits radiation similar to X-rays. Nuclear medicine includes PET and bone scans.

§  Fluoroscopy
         Fluoroscopy as a medical imaging technique is used for treating and diagnosing patients by showing a continuous X-ray image of the body part on a monitor or by using a dye through the body.

§  Magnetic Resonance Imaging
         The great advantage of using Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI that it uses magnetic fields and radiofrequency waves which don't have harmful effects on the body. Although MRI images are similar to CT images, the processes which are used to construct them are very different and each is better than the other for the diagnosis of certain conditions. The cost and accessibility of these imaging techniques may influence doctors' decisions for using any of them.

§  Ultrasound
         Different internal body parts such as tendons, muscles, vessels and many internal organs can be shown using medical ultrasound which uses high frequency sound waves without using any radiation. This imaging technique is also widely used for examining pregnant women.

Pregnancy & Children

ü Pregnancy
         For pregnant women, it's so important to advice the doctor before having any type of medical imaging specially x-rays. The unborn babies are more sensitive to radiation than the others so pregnant women may have an alternative examination.

ü Children
         The medical stuff should take a great care during the medical imaging of children as they are more sensitive to radiation than the adults.

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