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الجمعة، 8 مارس 2019

Time Management

Time Management

         Do you have time? Can you manage this time in the best way? All people have the same 24 hours. It's known that enhancing productivity can be achieved by smart work. The way with which you manage your time is called time management. It's one of the most important skills needed these days. In this article, we will discuss this topic to know more about the time management skill.

What is meant by time management?
         Time management is defined as the process of organizing the time and the way in which you can plan for dividing the time between your specific activities. Working smarter is the main purpose of time management process which enables you to do more work in less time. Managing your time will increase your effectiveness and decrease the pressure on you. By good time management you can achieve much more than others.

Why time management?
  It's so important to learn how to manage your time because there are a lot of benefits which are gained by time management. These benefits include the following:
-        Time management will increase your efficiency and productivity.
-         It lowers the stress of work.
-        Setting your priorities will increase the chance for advancement.
-        Time management enables you to achieve the important goals in your life.
-        By good time management, no more deadlines will be missed.
-        Efficient work flow and excellent quality are achieved by time management.

Good time management principles
         There are some principles you can follow to achieve good time management skills.

·       Keep tidy
         Keeping tidy is so important to improve your motivation. You can work effectively when your work space is tidy. If you need something, then keep it and add it to your task but if you don't need it, then give it away. Throw away the things which have no value to you.

·       Pick your time
          You have to schedule the tasks which are difficult to be done for the times of the day in which you work better. You also have to schedule your meetings which need doing in particular times. You can make a list of small tasks which are important but non-urgent and you can do these tasks between your meetings, these tasks can be email confirmations.

·       No multi-tasking!
         Please don't try to multi-task. you should finish off your jobs one after another. Don't move to the second job before finishing the first one. You can also do the similar jobs together if you have lots of different tasks needs to be done at the same time.

·       Stay calm
         Keeping calm is the most important thing which enables you to remember and feel better. Being stressed is not a good option at all for you to achieve your tasks. Getting an early night is more important than meeting external deadline.

·       Delegate some tasks
         Delegating tasks which you can't get done is an important skill which increase your productivity. Hiring assistants is a great way of delegation which will help you to finish off your tasks.

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