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الجمعة، 15 مارس 2019

Things you do not know about yourself

Things you do not know about yourself

         Do you know yourself? Seriously! Can you write down 3000 words about yourself? I don't think so. We believe that we know everything about ourselves but this's not the truth. There are lots of things that you don't know about yourself. Stay calm! By reading this article you will be able to know all the information that you don't know about yourself.

Your brain is a great machine

         Our brains need more than we think to work. The brain weighs about only two percent of the total weight of our body but it requires about twenty percent of our oxygen intake and also about twenty percent of our energy "calories" to work. This amount of energy is consumed as the fuel of our brain.

Your eyes travel many kilometers everyday

         For your eyes to focus, the muscles should move more than 100000 times every day. This will require walking about 75 kilometers a day if the muscles of your legs will do the same workout.

Your blood travels to the moon every 20 days

         Your blood is a great traveler which can travel 11806 miles every day. This distance is about 1/20th of the distance to the moon. So your blood can go to the moon every 20 days.

Your skin is renewed every 30 days

         Believe it or not, your skin loses about 40000 cells every hour. So you have your skin totally renewed every 30 days. These cells convert to dust which exist everywhere in your home.

30% of your time is mind wandering

         Your mind is not wandering 10% of the time as you think! According to the scientist Jonathan Schooler of UC, in normal days your mind is wandering about 30% of the time and this percent can reach 70% in other times. Mind wandering can be a good thing as it allows you to keep important things in mind. However, it can be also a bad thing when it converts to "zoning out" case that means missing important information, which may lead to making you unproductive person.

Your body has a bacterial life inside it!

         Yes! Your body is considered as a container for about half-gallon jug of bacteria. But this bacterial life in our bodies keeps them healthy. Your body contains about 2367 species of bacteria in total. Some types of these bacteria never been seen before.

You grow in the night

         You are taller in the night than in the morning by about 1 to 3 inches, that is because of the effect of gravity which causes you to shrink during the daytime. So, when you are asleep, your body will stretch out again.

You are a potential fire hazard

         Your body contains a collection of different gases such as oxygen, Hydrogen, carbon dioxide, Nitrogen and Methane which can generate a flame of one meter in length.

         Knowing yourself better can be achieved by gaining some distance. Mindful meditation can help us to improve ourselves knowledge. By overcoming ego protection and distorted thinking, we can know ourselves better. You should gain some distance to be able to discover yourself.

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