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الجمعة، 16 نوفمبر 2018

The Truth About Making Money Online

The Truth About Making Money Online

It is increasingly common to know someone who works from home and earns money online. This way of working is becoming fashionable. Below you can find a list of different jobs ideal for working from home you can choose from.

    1.  Bitcoin : 

Bitcoin is the most fashionable digital currency, as it undergoes continuous upward evaluations. Due to its value, it can be a way to work from home and make money online.

It is increasingly successful among people who want to earn extra money online. In fact, there are more and more versions of bitcoins and there are even companies that intend to release their own version as Kodak.

To understand how the online business of bitcoins works, we must have several concepts clear:

   ·      Bitcoin:  are strings of numbers encrypted by very complex algorithms.
     ·      Bitcoin wallet: it is an address to receive and save your bitcoins.
     ·      Bitcoin Mining: Special computers that perform many actions in order to mine and get bitcoins.

     2.   Translation : 

This is a great opportunity for those people who have a great command of a language or several languages. If you have a high level in a language, you could take advantage of it to make money online by translating content.

Some websites where you can register are Translated and TexMaster.

     3.  Transcription : 

In the case of videos, it is very instructive and enjoyable to go to successful YouTube channels to learn about the professional sector to which we dedicate ourselves, free of charge and from home, watching and listening to the explanations of experts and referents. As with the Podcast.

But today, Google positions text content and it is necessary that all the content of the videos be transcribed. This activity of transcribing can become a way to make money online and work from home very interesting for those who have great speed writing.

Some websites in which you can register to perform transcription works of contents are SpeakWrite, Upwork or QuieroTranscribir.

     4.   Copy-writing : 

The profession of copy-writing is related to the advertising sector and Internet businesses directly aimed at sales, such as e-commerce, bloggers that sell products within their websites.

A copywriter is responsible for describing or writing information about products or services in a powerful way. In this way, consumers will see the message and will be seduced by the product or service and the way in which it is counted.

To get money online as a copywriter, you must perform a very specific training and study very well the psychology of the target audience that will land on your website, to convince with your texts.

     5.   Designing web pages with WordPress : 

Online business is fashionable and as a result of this trend, there are more and more people working from home making Web pages.

Around 30% of Web pages that exist today on the Internet are made with WordPress (content manager) and the best thing is that this figure is increasing exponentially, due to its intuitive and fully customizable interface. In addition, it has a large number of plugins that will help you develop an impressive website.

     6.   YouTube

Earning some money through YouTube is something that many people are trying and not just young people. To begin, you must have an official channel on YouTube, customized with your own personal brand and start uploading videos of the topics you want.

If you made a good SEO within the channel, you will get a target audience and a pretty big traffic, you can connect it with your AdSense account and start monetizing your channel.

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